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By Priya Kathpal

Once in a while there comes along a packaged food that you really want to give it a try and judge. Yes, only very few packaged food pass the checklist of being healthy contrary to the fact that so many claim to be (details on this some other time). Back to these products, I got a chance to try some products from this new brand slurrpfarm that is dedicated to make food for toddlers and kids. Some info about the brand – from the brand J

Slurrp Farm is a leading Indian food brand for children and their families. It’s our mission to provide tasty and 100% natural alternatives to the junk food that surrounds us today.


The Slurrp Farm story begins with two young mothers, Meghana Narayan and Shauravi Malik, who left their successful corporate careers to seek high quality and healthy food options for their own kids. Upon intensive research, they found a similar sentiment being shared by parents of other young children too. Realising the huge gap of available options that passed their own scrutiny, they decided to embark on a journey to provide healthy, tasty and natural food for children.

Product Catalogue

Baby Cereals which are made with organic ingredients

Cookies with all-natural ingredients, wholegrains

Recently launched a range of Millet Pancakes and Millet Dosas (savoury pancakes) which are made with lots of traditional supergrains

What I tried –

Millet Pancake – Banana Choco Chip and Super Grains.

Millet Dosa – Super Grains and Spinach

( I also had some cookies as bonus, they were yumm 😉 ) But my focus of trial was the above 2 products J

Highlights for me –

No trans-fat and or hydrogenated fats, No refined flour, No additives and preservatives.

Use of extremely healthy ingredients like millets, spinach, dals, amaranth, jaggerry and many such things.

Ease of use – Just add water/milk and or egg, whip it and make it like any other pancakes (it cannot get easier then this)

 It also offers the versatility of modifying and creating your own and making

 Taste – Though this is an individual choice, but to be very honest considering all the healthy ingredients minus any kind of taste enhancers these products are amazing in taste in my opinion.

FSSAI Certified, what does this mean?

This assures that the company is maintaining the food quality levels in order to ensure safety and providing satisfaction to every consumer is the aim of every Food Business Operator.

 Cost – Both these mixes are priced at about 150-200 Rs for a 150gms pack which is the only slight negative that I feel, It’s a bit on expensive side (through the eyes of a general population perspective)  But if I have to speak for myself we do end up spending much more than this for healthy stuff and sometimes also for ‘so called healthy stuff’

So I would say once the awareness about products is enough even the cost would be acceptable!

Besides the great health quotient I think these products are toddler and kids friendly in appeal and taste both. They are easy to carry and make so they become travel friendly too 🙂

This is where you can buy these products

Phewww!!! Now that we are done with the technical and serious part: P Let’s get to the fun part of how I savoured these……

Any pancake is incomplete without a chocolate sauce for me (any food is incomplete without butter for my boy ) but again it would make this healthy mix into quite an unhealthy dish. So what I did was made a chocolate sauce from scratch with all the ingredients just like slurrpfarm did: D

I made the pancake just as directed on the pack.

And for sauce – Here you go

It needs just 3 ingredients

1/3 cup pitted dates

½ cup milk (can use almond milk too)

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder


Blend milk and dates together till smooth

Pour in a saucepan and bring it to boil. Reduce flame, cook while stirring for about 5-10 mins or until it thickens.

Remove from heat, mix the cocoa powder well.

Serve hot/cold. Store in a glass jar.



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  • Lavi
    12:48 PM - 26 February, 2018

    Wow..thanks lot for letting me know about this brand and their products.

  • Khushboo
    6:28 PM - 26 February, 2018

    Wow Priya! The choco sauce sounds yummy. I am all for healthy treats and can’t wait to try this choco sauce recipe 🙂 I love slurrp farm cookies but haven’t tried their pancake mix as yet! Looks like we should order one soon

  • Deepika Pillai
    1:52 AM - 27 February, 2018

    OMG that pic is so delectable. I’m going to dig into the brownies I made a couple of days ago. Thanks for sharing your review, I’d love to try the slurrp.

  • Sapna Krishnan
    5:56 AM - 27 February, 2018

    You won me at that image already. It took me a while to go beyond it and to concentrate on your post…hehe. Sounds like a great product. Will check them out.

  • anupriya
    11:26 AM - 27 February, 2018

    A choco sauce that qualifies to be healthy! I am all game. Loved your post.

  • Princy Khurana
    1:36 PM - 27 February, 2018

    i have used both of these and they were so so yumm. really good that my husband and kids absolutely loved it. they were gone in seconds.

  • Hema
    2:00 PM - 27 February, 2018

    Wow.. the picture looks so edible. Going to try this choco sauce recipe soon.

  • Nayantara Hegde
    11:33 AM - 4 March, 2018

    Wow wow your pic here is simply amazing and I am drooling. We love SlurrpFarm here at our house too and love that you can do so much with it. Now that it has your stamp of approval I am happy that I am giving something good to my son.

  • Kinshoo Agrawal
    11:53 AM - 5 March, 2018

    We have tried Millet Pancakes and Spinach Dosas and totally loved them. The best part is nutrition at affordable rates.

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